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Workgroups Business Class Hosting


  • Customer control over timing of upgrades allows for controlled rollout/training
  • HTML5-based mobile support for proofing (works on any modern browser)
  • Migrate to an on-premise system at anytime
  • Customizable branding
  • Multi-location backup and recovery
  • Available in fourteen regions: 
    • US East (Northern Virginia)
    • US East (Ohio)
    • US West (Northern California)
    • US West (Oregon)
    • Canada (Central)
    • EU (Frankfurt)
    • EU (Ireland)
    • EU (London)
    • Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
    • Asia Pacific (Singapore)
    • Asia Pacific (Seoul)
    • Asia Pacific (Sydney)
    • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
    • South America (São Paulo)
  • Very high performance Internet connectivity
  • Simple migration from one region to another
  • No cost database backup (for on-premise migration or archival)
  • Cost effective alternative to on-premise installation


  • Amazon AWS EC2
  • Microsoft SQL Server/IIS/.Net
  • Backup stored across multiple data centers in a region (S3) 

User System Requirements

Web Browser Requirements (two most recent versions)

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Windows only:
    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Edge
  • Mac OS only:
    • Safari

Operating System Requirements

  • Windows 7+, 8.1+, 10+
  • Mac OS X 10.10+ Yosemite, 10.11+ El Capitan, 10.12+ Sierra

Access Requirements

  • Browser access to Intranet/Internet via HTTP port 80 and/or HTTPS port 443


  • 99.9% hosting availability guarantee excluding scheduled maintenance
  • Ability to restore system in different physical data center (within same region) at any time
  • Standby servers in each active region
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