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Annotating Proofs

The annotation and viewing tools in the HTML5 online proofing tools are very intuitive and make marking up and navigating proofs simple.

The annotation tools include:

  • Comment – this will give the reviewer a comment box, this is typically used for general comments about the proof.
  • Box – this tool will allow you to highlight an area with a box, once the area is selected a comment box will appear for you to make comments about the highlighted area.
  • Arrow – this tool gives you an arrow to point at something on the proof, once the arrow is placed a comment box will appear for you to make comments item the arrow is pointed at.
  • Pen – this is a freehand pen tool, you can use this tool to circle an item or and area. Once the area is marked a comment box will appear.

The solution also allows you to download the native file as well as export a PDF with the annotations that have been made for offline viewing.

Reviewers have the following viewing options:

  • Moving from page to page in a multi-page proof
  • Rotating pages
  • Scale to fit window
  • Four different ways to zoom in and out with a range from 1% to 6000%
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