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Configuring Workgroups for use with SQL Server Reporting Services


Before adding and using Reports based on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to Virtual Ticket, you must configure Virtual Ticket to communicate with the Reporting Services Report Server. This connection is established by providing information to connect to the Web Services interface of the Report Server.

To configure Workgroups to use SQL Reporting Services, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Reporting Services Access Setup window by clicking Reports Server Setup in the Administration menu of the Virtual Ticket or Job Manager Administrator applications.
  2. Type the address of the Report Server Web Interface in the Server URL field. Addresses must start with "http://" and include the virtual directory used by the Report Server Web Interface. eg: "".
  3. Type the user name and password of a user with permission to access the Report Server Web Interface in the User and Password fields.
  4. Click Test Connection to test the Report Server Web Interface and login credentials entered above. If the test is successful, a Success message will appear (see capture below). If the test is not successful, recheck the Server URL and user credentials listed and try again.
  5. Click OK. The Success message will close and return you to the Reporting Services Access Setup window.
  6. Click OK once you have finished configuring Job Manager to connect to the Report Server Web Interface. The Reports Server Setup will close and you can proceed to Adding and Configuring Reports for information on how to add Reports to the system.
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